Overview of Splankna Therapy

Many people have never heard of Splankna Therapy. It came into existence over 20 years ago and has been moving forward and spreading ever since. I find it to be one of the most interesting and fruitful therapies I use in my practice.

“Splankna” is Greek for “gut”. The originator, Sarah Thiessen, named it Splankna because what originates in the gut typically over-rides what the brain “knows”. How often do we say, “I have a gut feeling . . . “? We know our gut is rarely wrong. Some people call it intuition. Change the beliefs you hold in your gut and you change your life. The problem is that gut beliefs are typically subconscious – you don’t even know you have them. They tend to be formed before the age of 8.

Splankna is a combination of four protocols: Neuro-Emotional Technique, Thought Field Therapy, EMDR, and Kinesiology. It is classified as a Christian Energy Psychology method. One of the aspects of Splankna that sets it apart from other therapies is that each session begins and ends with prayer to God (the Christian God of the Bible). The practioner submits to God’s authority and invites the Holy Spirit to lead and guide each session. The client doesn’t necessarily have to hold the same beliefs, but must simply be okay with the practioner holding his/her Christian beliefs.

The practitioner then uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to ask the client’s subconscious mind to reveal information that is at the root of emotional distress. Sometimes emotions may surface, but sometimes sessions are completely emotion-free. We “clear” each emotion that surfaces through NET.

The end result is the client typically notices that they feel “different”. Typically, the client reports later they acted differently without trying to be different. Triggers are fewer and further between. Reactions become responses, peace is present, and their spouses tend to notice positive shift.

It’s no mystery why Splankna is growing in popularity as a way to heal from seemingly “unreachable” sources of healing.

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